Finance – Chapter 2, Investing

When our parents were killed in a traffic accident in 1956, Jay and I were 16. The other vehicle was clearly at fault and had a significant insurance policy. The result was that although our parents were not very well off financially, there was enough money for “us kids” to go to college. Uncle Gene was appointed our guardian. Then a year of college cost maybe $2000 if you lived well, as I did. After I graduated from college I had about $2000 left. Uncle Gene seemed to be pretty well off, and made his living from investments in the oil business, etc., so I asked how I should invest. He would not give me advice. I took his reluctance to advise me to mean that providing someone investment advice was heavy business. Maybe that is why I have answered Jay’s simple suggestion to provide some advice to his kids, with a long answer. Anyway, what follows is my advice concerning investments. Continue reading “Finance – Chapter 2, Investing”

Finance – Chapter 1, Introduction

Jay Huebner will have to take some of the blame for these papers, he suggested that I provide his children some written guidance on “how to invest money.” After thinking about it for a while, I have decided that I would provide some written guidance, but the audience I aim for and the subject would be a little broader. The audience a little broader because it is easy to do with our computer and perhaps there are more that are interested. The subject a little broader because I believe in so doing, it would be more useful and there would be less chance that it would be misleading. Continue reading “Finance – Chapter 1, Introduction”